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We are completely independent. We need as much help as we can get from you all in spreading the word. Please tell your friends about the Martha Redbone Roots Project, about the Blake songs, bring them to concerts and play them the music. And if you'd like to be more active than that, please join our STREET TEAM. It could be sending out the newsletter to your mailing list, Facebook friends and Twitter followers, distributing flyers and putting up posters, even designing them! You may be a blogger, web designer, have marketing skills, make videos, have time to lend... anything to help would be an incredible gift. We can offer tickets to shows and other special items to members of the Street Team.

Social Action


Food is a fundamental human need. Yet the production, delivery, and advertisement of our food is in the hands of immensely powerful business interests who profess that the health the health and safety concerns of the public are merely interfering government regulations that impede their ability to turn a profit.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are rampant in America, particularly in our poorest communities, often my communities: that of the Native American and African American. Both my parents died too young from diabetes, so I am only too aware of the impact of poor diets. But this is a problem that is color blind. Poor nutrition, cheap fast food, salt, sugar, and calorie-laden prepared foods against expensive fresh produce are problems across our nation.

WhyHunger is an organization that has been fighting the battle for good food for everyone for over 30 years and I am proud to be able to spread the word about WhyHunger.

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Up Campaign

Violence against women is a global phenomenon. Acts of violence against women and girls are tolerated everywhere and in the worst cases mandated by law.

My dear friend Jimmie Briggs leads the Man Up Campaign to eradicate violence against women and I am a proud member. Please check out their website and get involved if you can. Man Up kicked off with a global youth summit in Johannesburg, South Africa during the soccer World Cup last summer. I recruited a task force of young indigenous American leaders and we met with groups from Brazil to Iran, France to Uganda. Among the speakers were 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee.

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